Exemplary Job

"...thank you for the exemplary job in marketing, negotiating, selling, and closing my home. Aaron you are a professional in every sense of the word and I would highly recommend you and your skills to anyone who wants an outstanding Realtor to help in the sale or purchase of any new home. I truly believe that your skills and common sense gave us more net in the sale than I could have expected from any other person in your profession." - DS

Asset in the Realm of Real Estate

"...Thank You! You have been a prime factor in the successful purchase of our first house. It has been our pleasure to work with such an upstanding individual who has a healthy respect for work and a high regard for family. We appreciate your ability to accommodate our schedules and respond to our communications timely and effectively. You were attentive, thorough, and available. Your demonstrated willingness...to provide step by step understanding of the paperwork equates to patience and perseverance...to research our requests and provide quality referrals for services equates to diligence and dependability...to communicate invaluable resources and informational tidbits to assure us a comfortable and smooth transition equates to customer service and courteousness. You are an asset in the realm of real estate and a benefit to those who are on the receiving end of your services." "...We appreciate your commitment to see us through the process of finding and obtaining a new house and are grateful to you for your service as our real estate agent." V & P

Beyond the Call of Duty

"...You are the best real estate agent we have worked with during all our years (and as you know, we have many, many years). Realizing that we had moved out of our home, you kept us up to date with frequent phone calls to let us know the number of showings and the new sales or listings in the area. You were professional, motivating, friendly, helpful, and upbeat. You answered our many calls almost immediately. When we had questions, you always had an answer or advice, and if you did not know the answer you researched it and promptly called us back. We feel that you went way beyond the call of duty the day of the Seattle earthquake when you checked our home within an hour of the quake. Since we were in Arizona at the time, this special service relieved us of unnecessary worry. Your efforts resulted in a successful sale of our home." DA & CA

Personable and Professional

"Aaron Fredrickson has a unique ability of being both personable yet professional. Our experience with Aaron was first-rate and we would not hesitate to utilize his services in the future!" SH & MH

Great Referral

"We were referred to Aaron personally by a fellow professional because he displays the same level of professionalism that we demand in our business affairs. He found us exactly what we wanted." SA & CA

Extra Mile

"The service I received was excellent. Aaron continually went the "extra mile" to assist in the entire process, from the very start to well after closing." DP

Absolute Trust

"We could not be happier with our experience with Aaron. He took excellent care of us as we learned the real estate ropes with our first house purchase. He impressed us with his unflagging dedication to helping us find a great home in our price range, and earned our absolute trust. We consider him a friend, and will recommend him to everyone we know who is in need of an agent." PC & CC

Great Enthusiasm

"I would recommend Aaron to anyone at anytime. He went out of his way to help us sell our property. He has great enthusiasm for his work. We enjoyed working with him. He really cares about us and our family. What a great guy!" RB & WB

Immensely Thankful

"You will never know what you helped do for us. We are so sorry for making your life insane for a few months, and at the same time so immensely thankful for how hard you worked for us. You will never know the depth of our joy and what this new home has brought to our lives. We are thankful EVERYDAY!...For the first time in our lives, when people come to our house they say, "You have such a lovely home." We feel so special and so blessed. No one ever said that to us before! We all feel pride and the love we have for our home is immeasurable. You helped to make this happen for us, you worked so hard for us and we will never forget that." DG & LG